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  • April 3, 2020
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Digital marketing has been the key to acing brand presence since the evolution of the digital world. However, today it poses itself as the only survivor of the wrath of the global crisis we’re all facing. While Covid-19 has rendered every organization from every sector stump as to their work plans, it also appears to be an opportunity for brands to remake their value and enhance their presence.

Newspaper ads, billboards are soon going to be a thing of the past, to be taken over by online presence. A re-evaluation of strategy is the need of the hour, and mere online presence is not going to do the charm.

Here are a few tips to get through the crisis, digitally:

1.    Activate your social media presence with the right message

This is a time when most people are active on social media platforms for longer than usual hours. Focus on content that engages, entertains, and attracts the audience. However, self-promotional content is not popular amongst social media consumers as no one wants to engage with the branded content. Thus, one must refrain from direct marketing. 

2.    SEO/ SEM/ PPC

SEO/SEM/PPC are ways to increase website traffic and help with the ranking of webpages on search engines. While Search Engine Optimization fetches organic results, Search Engine Marketing and Pay-per-click are the paid mediums that are used in digital marketing.

Pay-per-click gives a temporary boost in traffic by displaying products/services through specific keywords.

When used in the right combination, it can prove fruitful for your goals.

3. Content is King

Content is king for one primary reason- It is what the customers want! Internet is full of content but people are only inclined towards relevant content that adds value to their time. It’s important to give them the content they need/want to hear rather than what you want them to buy.

Develop informative content through blogs, eBooks, digital brochures, etc. Reviews and guest posts on your website can surely be helpful as well.

4.    Visual Communication

With increasing digital platforms, consumer attention span keeps on decreasing. Videos, visuals, and graphics are the answer! They capture the audience’s attention instantly when done right. Well-designed visuals with crisp content can do even what a meeting cannot pull off.

Visual Communication increases brand information elicits key messages and increases engagement. During these times, visual communication has proved to be a savior of brands and people need to invest more time and attention in developing visual content that acts as a repository for a long time.

5.    E-mail marketing

Personalization is always preferred! E-mail marketing brings results quickly and extensively. The buyer’s persona must be kept in mind for personalizing e-mail messages according to the defined campaigns.


It is a long way to go, so it is better to focus on things one day at a time. Attention to detail and trust in the process will help your business as well as the world sail through the turmoil. The important part is to be ready for the worst with hopes for the best. Covid-19 can be defeated, but only if we accept the changes it has brought.

Re-valuate and regulate your plans frequently since trends are always changing. Be updated and patient with your marketing strategies.

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