• April 3, 2020
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Adapting to the conditions, and making the best out of the worst situations, pretty much sums up Epic India’s approach in keeping up during the distressing times of COVID-19. Understanding the challenges around, physical as well as mental, we have come up with ways to keep ourselves up and going.

Delivering projects up to client’s expectations is the biggest part of an agency-life. We have been going around the technical barriers to providing unparalleled services to our clients within timelines. Our clients have also been supportive and we have started to get used to virtual client interactions and feedback. Apart from this, we have created a virtual environment of support and strengthening where each individual’s time gets invested in positive work expansion for Epic so that we emerge stronger than before. Video calls and virtual meetings can get tiring, but the culture of support helps get us through the day with more energy than before.


Although we miss being in office and those brainstorming sessions strategizing together, but our conference calls and group messages make up substitute them for the while. Digital is the key to the operations in the lockdown, and we have certainly upped the ante by digitalising many aspects for us as well as the clients.

Well yes, we are going for virtual events as well. Because that is our commitment to work where we find innovative solutions, even during the unexpected Corona outbreak. For the time being, events have been replaced by white-labelled virtual streaming and shoots have been replaced by motion graphics. But we could not be more excited about things getting better and reaching our event and shoot venues. Because while digital can replace many things, it surely cannot replaces human experiences and emotions.

It is certainly not easy working distantly with the paranoia surrounding ourselves. We nevertheless try our best to break out of the blues and energize all this time. Because once all this is over, we would like to come out of it making sense of all the time, ready with our assets to support our clients and serve the industry with the best solutions. Our zeal, passion and devotion continue to fire in our bellies until all this unrest is over and we are back to normalcy. If not normalcy, then we will thrive and create a new normal for our Epic.

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