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  • November 25, 2021
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The client’s perspective is directly proportional to the capabilities of a digital market agency. We, as market agencies as prone to the consecutive prospects of the clients and their expectations out of us. This can sometimes convolute their actual want. It is highly essential to understand the source of their idea.

Before building up any tactics over the client’s prospect, remember the fact that a good, solid marketing strategy should always begin with market orientation and refined research. Alone research and market orientation are nowhere close to defining a fully-furnished marketing strategy even though you think you have come to the end of the tunnel.

If you have landed on the page just to review your own digital marketing strategy or if you are looking for an insight into our approach, here’s are the key point that you could consider going through.

Begin with a marketing orientation

It would be a wage decision to use a gut feeling to decide something about their target audience. When marketers believe they don’t have enough money for research, they will instead spend a lot of money on communications, not knowing that research would cost a fraction of all that. Actually, research does not have to be as expensive as many people believe, and even a minuscule portion of a study done on a shoestring is better than none at all. Fear, arrogance, and assumptions can sometimes prevent market research from taking place, resulting in money being spent on a product or service that does not resonate with the intended audience. As a result, if you skip this crucial stage, you may unintentionally set yourself up to fail.

Being market-driven and customer-centric is all that is required for market orientation, and everything else will fall into place after that. According to Benson P. Shapiro of the Harvard Business Review, being market-oriented means ensuring:

  • Every corporate department is inundated with data on all major investment influences.
  • Inter-functional and interdivisional decision-making is used to make strategic and tactical judgments.
  • Divisions and functions make well-coordinated decisions and carry them out with zeal.

What comes next?

It’s critical at this point to gain a deeper understanding of your target audience. Again, marketers frequently make a lot of assumptions in this area. Market research is critical to any marketing strategy, and it must come before judgments on audience segmentation and targeting.

We at Epic India Group, focus on four key areas of research as we formulate a digital marketing strategy.

Client’s Research

We begin with the client’s research. This can take the shape of both qualitative conversational research and quantitative surveys of a broader representative sample of consumers to delve further into their individual requirements and concerns.

Know your competition

When it comes to competitors, there is a wide range of research topics ranging from product and pricing to marketing activities, but the goal of this study is to understand your competitors’ strengths and shortcomings in comparison to your own in order to identify market gaps.

Employee testimonials

Speaking with employees who work in customer-facing roles and who live and breathe a firm on a daily basis can be one of the most valuable methods to gain a better understanding of a company. Your employees will have a greater understanding of your client’s problems than anybody else.

Secondary Research

Secondary research, in addition to primary research, is essential; it is also easily accessible and extensive, with a lot to learn from online sources ranging from social media to third-party studies.

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You are close to your destination

Now that you’ve done your study, you’re ready to embrace the customer complexity that your company is dealing with. You can see that different client kind have distinct needs, and segmentation is what happens when you start grouping these consumer types together.

This implies you can choose which categories to target based on which will be the most profitable for your company. This is a departure from employing averages and targeting an otherwise generic population with the same message or product, which would be completely irrational in many circumstances. You’re in a far better position to start making judgments about how to position your brand – and to whom – at this point in your digital marketing strategy. Only when all of these elements have been determined can you safely plan your business’s aims and approaches to truly drive marketing success.

So, next time you’re reviewing your marketing strategy, be certain to check whether these foundations have been laid before the work is planned. If not, then it’s definitely the best place to start.

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