Instagram Reels to Grow Their Business
  • July 26, 2021
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Social media marketing strategies have evolved to a great extent ever since Instagram has rolled out the Reels feature. With the shift in customer preferences, brands are now focusing on producing more real and approachable content.

Short-form video content is gaining a lot of traction these days and it is also used as a powerful social media tactic for influencers and brands.

Apart from Reels, the new Collab feature is helping content creators to collaborate with each other for Feed posts and Reels. This feature is being tested in India, which stands among the first two countries for the test.

The new feature will let one creator invite another to collaborate for posts and Reels. If the other person accepts the invitation, the Instagram posts and Reels will have both their accounts’ names on them, thus, reaching both their audience simultaneously.

After the introduction of Instagram Reels, there is a rise witnessed in influencer marketing and the feature has turned out to be a powerful solution for driving engagement. Merging Reels into creator partnerships provides a powerful opportunity to speak to new audiences, and brands must transform their approach to content creation to maximize these partnerships in future.

Instagram Reels offers an immense opportunity for brands and companies looking to boost visibility and sales. Also, users who don’t follow you can see your content on the explore page.

What differentiates Reels from other features on Instagram is the ability to reach new global audiences with entertainment-driven content. With a dedicated tab on the Instagram app and a global audience, a persuasive value proposition is offered by Reels for brands who want to expand their awareness.

Although, influencers can achieve a level of authenticity that brands can’t. That’s why more and more brands are looking to collaborate with influencers for quality content on social media. If you already work with a team of influencers, partnering with them to publish compelling IG Reels can generate more awareness and conversions for your brand.

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While there’s no perfect formula for success on Reels, trends should be kept in mind for gathering more reach. By keeping a pulse on the latest video trends, brands can enter the space without feeling too commercial in a feed of community-created content. Striking a balance between timely trends and approachable content is key to getting the consumers and creators to get involved.

Another good thing about Instagram Reels is that they are easy to share on other platforms, such as Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Most of the creators on social media are diligently sharing their Reels on TikTok, and vice versa.

Brands can be benefited by staying updated with the trends. The Instagram Reels feature is a strengthening instrument for brands and businesses to better understand their Instagram audience, play with the tone and the taste of trends and catch the popular eye. Cherry on the cake is more reliability to consumers and better branding!

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