Creativity and Innovation –

The creative approach that we took for UN Day 2021: Climate Action In India was to bring focus on affordable and scalable solutions to allow nations to make the transition to a greener, more robust economies. As more individuals turn to sustainable energy and a variety of other steps to cut emissions and improve adaptation measures, the speed of change is rising. Deploying our interactive designs and display structure we showcased that there still is a window of opportunity we take unprecedented action today and thus to display the same our creative and design team got together to ideate a walk through fame structures, that showcased youth changemakers, and their efforts, celebrating their efforts towards climate change. The next question was what we as an event management agency could have done to make better choices and shift to sustainable and environmentally friendly events. We came forward with eco-friendly options for the photo opportunities that were installed, using materials like MDF. Adding photo opportunities with the sustainable development goals was added with a dual purpose in mind, firstly, as a branding structure and to bring forward the goals and values of the UN. It helped largely create a recall value to the event, making it a huge success.

Planning and execution –

Once the creative ideas were set in place the planning wasn’t our major concern. In order to ensure that UN Day 2021 went as planned we did a walk-through of the venue and thus, ensured the placements of all the setups and branding structures. With that, we were able to create a layout of the actual venue and place all our installments in 3D to get an exact idea of how the conference would turn out to be.

The event also highlighted the important role that young people are playing in helping India achieve its climate goals. The first-ever solar-powered United Nations Day, organized in collaboration with the International Solar Alliance, emphasized India’s revolutionary role in climate change. Surya Bhavan, which houses the ISA secretariat, was lighted in the hues of the SDGs to highlight India’s aspiration for renewables and commitment to Agenda 2030.

The execution part of the event was crucial and along with that came the part of recruiting the right people and staff who would translate the ideas on stage and ground as conceptualized by the team, this was achieved by involving the right people for the project.

Impact/ Effectiveness/ Result –

The event was displayed on DD India on 24th October at 8:30 pm, it not only created awareness but also showcased to the world that it is possible to have an entire large-scale event planned and executed in a way that is environmentally friendly and sustainable in nature. Also, it opened doors for other organizations to plan solar-powered functions, events, and conferences. People are affected by emissions worldwide. It is a challenge that needs worldwide coordination of solutions, as well as international collaboration to assist poor nations in transitioning to a low-carbon economy. With the celebration of UN Day 2021, we were able to address the issue of Climate change and global warming successfully. The video highlights of the event also showcased the importance of climate action. Given that it was attended by delegates from across the globe, the entire event turned out to be of great national importance. Epic showed the world that it’s completely possible to maintain a balance between modern-day lifestyle and the environment by simply becoming more conscious consumers. Thereby we consider this event to be a huge success.