How Epic brought together people, presentations and performances connected by the theme ‘ONE’.

Overview – 

Philips, a leading global player in consumer durables, was looking at organizing a three-day annual sales kick-off meeting for as many as 1000 employees.

Epic grabbed this opportunity and executed the event in a fairly quick time.

Approach – 

From the conceptualization of the annual theme that would not just be limited to the event but would become an identity for the year ahead, to the communication hype, leading to the final days of great execution, Epic India managed to make the client feel at ease about the grand event that involved complex management.

We made sure that our guests felt welcomed from day one, so we paid extra attention to all our communication touchpoints before, during, and after the event.

It was an event of a large scale, so the hero of the event had to be exceptional planning.

On day 1 the event started with our MICE team ensuring smooth check-ins for about 1000 people at the same time without any hassles. This was followed by conferences in multiple breakout sessions where individual screens and stages were managed by us. The sessions covered workshops from various department heads of the teams including legal, finance, and sales. Post the conference, we also launched a remarkable product specific to teams in each breakout. The workshops ended with rewarding the best teams and employees with mementos, which were designed especially to fit their needs.

A gala evening was organised for all employees at the end of the busy day. Rahul Subramanian, a popular stand-up comedian was suggested by Epic and as expected the show was a complete hit. The results were resplendent and the attendees had a good first-day experience of the exciting event.

Day 2 kicked off with team building activities in the morning and night was slotted for internal awards. Managing a huge crowd in outdoor locations during team-building activities can get tricky, but, the EPIC squad managed it quite well.

The awards night was made glamorous with our décor, visuals, and stage setting. We had designed the stage with the help of hydraulic tables in such a way that it did not hinder the event and at the rotation unveiling of the machine with a smoke machine was on add on. The night was concluded with an exuberant fusion of music with a fun band and some dhol.

The event was culminated on day 3 with the souvenir of memories of an unforgettable event.

The event kicked-off with a sequence of breaking a speedometer on screen by the India MD before the theme-reveal video. After all the fun, engaging, and motivational plenary, we had less than an hour’s time to revamp the setting into a cultural, royal gala-night. The segment that stole the night was certainly the awards night as it made everyone bring their best selves forward to have some fun while the Epic squad was on its toes to ensure everything falls in place.

Result –

We delivered various videos, AVs, and graphics for the event (including the theme reveal video) in record time. We had also delivered a video that covered the pre-event planning moments and day 1 in overnight’s time so that the video could be played on the morning of day 2.

The quick turnaround time for the delivery of the design collaterals & visual assets was praised by Philips, and once again it was the zeal of Epic’s team that won the clients’ attention.