Social Media Strategy and Asset Creation

Approach & Summary-

DRDO is the R&D wing of Indian Defence, which is the mind behind all the strength of India. To make a strategy for them was a huge task because a large number of people look up to DRDO. We therefore strived for a balance between the knowledge-sharing and engagement aspects of social media.


We aimed to target people with our messages in a subtle yet impactful manner, that we achieved by


  • Consistent posting 
  • Shareable formats of messages
  • Simplicity of ideas

We pitched various static, gif, carousel and video formats for their social media to bring a good amount of diversity on the platform.
We also introduced DRDO to gamification of posts via quizzes, polls and trending formats like #Screenshot&share.

Videos worked the best for DRDO as people share videos more than any other format

Result –

DRDO’s pre-event hype posts and videos gained a lot of traction on social media, and the assets were liked by many people.