Strategic Partner for Brand Launch

Approach & Summary-

AliveCor, a global brand synonymous with transforming cardiac care through AI, launched itself in India to cater to more than 260 million heart disease affected people. Their hero product, KardiaMobile 6L, which happens to be the World’s only FDA-cleared personal ECG device, needed to be promoted and targeted to the right audience.

The catch here was the inaccessibility to traditional media during Covid times. The only saviour for the launch was Digital Marketing.

AliveCor Case Study

Based on the results of the market research, Epic devised a consumer and physician-centric content strategy to target different segments of users with the messaging to pull them towards our hero device.

Understanding that emotional content works better in India than pragmatic messaging, we designed a brand new website that was the right blend of dynamic designs and emotional visuals to provide an actionable push to the users. Shopify was integrated with the website to make the users’ shopping experience smooth and interesting.

With a traditional PR launch remaining out of the question, we leveraged the full power of social media and performance marketing to generate brand awareness, push our sales ads, and respond to queries of the public. We wanted to raise awareness about CardioVascular Disease and its adverse effects in India through our social media campaign. Henceforth, we came up with the idea of ‘Don’t take it easy. Take ECG’ in order to create the need of taking ECG regularly amongst people.

We formulated a hero-hub-hygiene strategy, having some out-of-the-box content strategies and ideas to leave a long-lasting impact on the target audience. The brand TVCs were an instant hit among the audience due to their relatable catch and high emotional quotient.

Other than that, we produced engaging visual content such as stomp launch videos, gifs, myth busters, and conversation starters. We also shared user-generated content and much more through our campaigns. The idea was to be the go-to place for heart health facts and information.

To further expand the reach of this campaign, Epic collaborated with eminent industry veterans like Soha Ali Khan and Kenny Sebastian whom people trust and are up for inspiration.

Result –

Creating awareness about Cardio-vascular disease amongst people through social media was no less than a roller-coaster ride but Epic’s right planning and approach made AliveCor’s launch campaign a big hit amongst the people. People poured in their loving reviews and feedback as a testimonial to how useful KardiaMobile devices are in their lives.

Gained 10,000 followers on Facebook in just a span of one month, reached 836.4K accounts on Instagram in a month with a 20% engagement rate.

On World Heart Day, the phrase AliveCor Smart ECG featured on Twitter’s top 10 India trends with an organic audience sharing their heart health stories.