Astitva is a collaboration of Spiritual understanding with Cyber space, leading towards a better existence in the real and virtual world.

A platform eager to bring about a positive change in the society. Our aim is at individual learning and advancement in terms of spirituality and cyber wellness. Our goal is to achieve the virtue of adaptability where changes do not scare the individuals and they no longer require a leader to outline the steps they have to take. This will eventually lead to a sustainable growth conquering areas of

  1. Productivity & Employee Loyalty
  2. Spiritual Growth
  3. Reducing Data Breach Risk
  4. Psychological Wellness
Mr. Amit Dubey
Mr. Amit Dubey National Security Expert and a Crime Investigator

A renowned National Security Expert and a Crime Investigator on Cyber Forensics,

Dr Meenaa Mahaajjan
Dr Meenaa Mahaajjan Wellness and Spiritual Leadership

A visionary on a mission to give this planet a gift of Holistic Wellness and Spi

Productivity & Employee Loyalty

Spiritual Growth

Reducing Data Breach Risk

Psychological Wellness

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