• June 24, 2020
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For months people have been wondering what the future of tourism would be like in the New-Normal. As a matter of surprise, Karnataka government is all set to venture into the concept of Recreational Vehicle travel in which tourists can book a Caravan that can take them to various places and which they can also use to stay the night.

Named LuxeCamper, this project got launched on 17th June in response to Covid-19’s grim effects on the state’s tourism. Campervan Camps, a Bengaluru based start-up company is providing the services. It marks to be India’s first commercially approved Caravan tours that provide independent travel experiences.

Various tourist spots and hotels of Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation Ltd (KSTDC) will be utilized as parking spots for these high-end Camper vehicles. Hampi, Gokarna, Badami, Kudremukh, Sakaleshpura, Belur, Halebidu, Sakrebailu and Kodagu (Coorg) will be the very first places for the experience of Caravan services.  Apart from taking you from place to place, this fully solar-powered Caravan can upgrade the seats to beds accommodating around four people. Equipped with gadgets like music system, smart television, freezer, refrigerator and microwave, this camper can provide you with a comfortable yet luxurious experience of a lifetime.

Considered to be the most flexible way of enjoying a vacation, this service has come as a boon for citizens and the overall economy. Only the concept of travelling in a luxurious camper to the breath-taking views of our country should be enough to entice people towards Caravan Tourism. But the convenience of travel as per preference without any restriction on timing, amount of luggage or destination seems delightful. 

Without worrying much about physical hygiene and health issues, people can enjoy the experience of travel which is essential for people locked inside four walls for more than three months. Travelling can have a positive effect on people’s well-being and Caravan Tourism only ensures no harm to their physical health as well.

The venture is supported and backed by investors such as Anil Kumble, Vijay Prakash, Phaneesh Murthy and Vinay Luthra. It has partnered with small lodges, homestays and select resorts and looks forward to expanding its base to more sights soon.

As a unique model of travel, LuxeCamper Motors have paved its way in the new order of affairs. It’s about time that we see more such ventures that give new meaning to the travel and hospitality industry.

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